Mementos Shared – Mahana

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Every chef or foodie holds onto one or two special memento’s that evokes for them a memory related to food, cooking or entertaining – the first good knife they ever owned, a cookbook that led them into a life revolving around cooking, a special bowl passed down through the family. For me it is a…[Read more]

Ora King Next Generation Mentoring Programme: Stage 2

Ora King Next Gen

On Tuesday the Ora King New Zealand team descended upon Christchurch for stage 2 of the Next Generation Mentoring programme. The recently opened Empire Bar and Izakaya played host as our venue. The day begins with Executive Chef for the Empire group (which also includes Baretta and The Cuban), Mark McCracken picking myself and Anne-Marie up…[Read more]

A Culinary Adventure in Nelson/Tasman with Next Gen Chef Joelle

Joelle outside Wangapeka Family Dairy

We’re nearing the end of the first stage of the Ora King Next Gen Mentoring Programme; Harrison from SkyCity Auckland is the final Next Gen chef to complete a week in the kitchen with a  regional mentor. He is currently at Trinity Wharf, Tauranga with Chef Simon Green.  Read more about the Next Gen Programme here. Last week…[Read more]


Ora King salmon hatchery

ŌRA KING – WHERE THE MAGIC BEGINS By Darren Johnson, Executive Chef, MASU by Nic Watt   The big day is finally here. After two months of planning and phone conversations with people in London, I organised a guest appearance at Masu of old friend and work colleague Endo Kazutoshi. Endo is a third generation…[Read more]