NZ’s Ora King Awards Judges 2017

We are delighted that two of New Zealand’s most respected food personalities,  Lauraine Jacobs and Geoff Scott are returning to judge the New Zealand dishes in the 2017 Ora King Awards competition. Lauraine Jacobs writes the weekly food column for the NZ Listener and is one of the country’s most experienced restaurant critics and culinary judges. Trained…[Read more]

My experience judging the 2016 Ora King Awards

  Having ticked off an enjoyable 2015 awards, judging alongside Lauraine Jacobs, I launched into the 2016 awards enthusiastically, knowing I’d be tasting some fantastic dishes in beautiful places round the country, this time around with respected chef and legendary restaurateur Geoff Scott to convene with. Several weeks of eating some of the world’s best…[Read more]

6 Ingredients for Japanese Cuisine

To learn about any cuisine, you first have to understand its people. The Japanese are a very proud nation which strives for excellence and perfection. A strong cultural background means Japanese cooking is the result of a long and varied history. A brief history Japan has shaped itself in a culinary sense over millennia by…[Read more]

Maxime Gnojczak 2016 NextGen Chef

Chef Maxime Gnojczak (28), was born and educated in France. After working throughout Europe he arrived in New Zealand in 2013 and has been living and working in Wellington ever since. Maxime is active in culinary competitions and has won many accolades throughout his short time in New Zealand. In 2016 Maxime applied for the…[Read more]

Marc Soper’s 2016 Best Ora King Dish New Zealand

Our 2016 Ora King Awards judges Anna King Shahab and Geoff Scott raved about Marc’s dish and were in agreeance that it was the clear winner of the title of Best Ora King Dish New Zealand. And how lucky was I to spend some time with Marc last weekend at the Taste of Auckland festival where he demonstrated…[Read more]