From the pure and isolated waters of the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand across the Tasman Sea to our Australian shores, a unique breed of salmon, Ōra King salmon is raising the bar in sustainablefarming and culinary excellence.

Earlier this year Monterey Bay Aquarium’s consumer guide Seafood Watch® named New Zealand King salmon as the only marine farmed salmon to have achieved the green rating, meaning it is a “Best Choice” for consumers.

Ōra King salmon start their lives in the fresh water flowing from Te Waikoropupu Springs, verified as some of the clearest in the world, and are then transferred to the pristine waters of the Marlborough Sounds. Each Ōra King salmon receives a unique gill tag, individually numbered and traceable and evidence of the product’s authenticity.

The program reflects more than 20 years of classical breeding which means only the finest King salmon with the best culinary traits are selected from generation to generation. The salmon must then pass through a master grading program which ensures each Ōra King salmon meets the exact specifications for size, colour and quality.

“Sustainability is a fundamental principle of Ōra King,” says Jemma McCowan, General Manager of Marketing at Ōra King salmon.

“Our facilities and farms are audited under the ‘Best Aquaculture Practices’ certification program run by the Global Aquaculture Alliance. We’re very proud of our focus on environmental balance and we expect this to resonate with the Australian industry who are equally passionate about sustainability.”

King salmon represents less than one percent of the world’s salmon and is known as the ‘Wagyu’ of the sea, with the high oil content in Ōra King salmon delivering a pleasantly rich and luscious taste with a clean finish and elegant silky texture. King salmon have a distinct appearance with bright silvery skin, a round body and thick belly for exceptional yield and cooking.

Ōra King salmon is only available to fine dining restaurants and selected premium retail outlets, and has already received great accolade from Australian chefs.

Carla Jones, Head Chef at 4Fourteen: “Ōra King salmon is a world class product. The highest of standards are seen from the breeding to the farming and to the harvesting. The end product is evidence of the upmost care taken along the way. It’s a must on any menu.”

Richie Dolan, Head Chef at Chiswick Restaurant: ‘’I love the versatility of the fish, whether it be raw, cooked, smoked or cured, the flavour and texture really shine through. The high fat content proves for a quality sashimi product, this is how I have mostly used it.’’

Massimo Mele, Head Chef at La Scala on Jersey: ‘’I really enjoy using Ōra King salmon. It’s a great fish to cook especially for my large events, consistent, delicious and easy to work with.’’

You will find Ōra King in 100 Australian restaurants across NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

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