The legendary Tyee salmon, famed in the wild for its size and rarity, is now available to a fortunate few discerning chefs and diners worldwide, thanks to an innovation by New Zealand King Salmon.

Branded Ōra King TYEE, this unique fish is an exciting new development for New Zealand King Salmon, who have been breeding King salmon for more than 24 years.

Like the legendary Tyee, first discovered in the Campbell River of British Columbia in 1924, the Ōra King TYEE has a longer life-cycle and grows to more than double the size of an Ōra King salmon.

While the average weight of an Ōra King salmon is around 5 kg, Ōra King TYEE grow to more than 13 kg. This special salmon has a life cycle of around four years of age, compared to Ōra King salmon’s usual two years.

Unique characteristics of the Ōra King breed combined with the ideal farming environment have enabled these salmon to grow to such an incredible size.

Raised in the pure, clear waters that flow from Te Waikoropupu Springs in Takaka, low stocking densities and attentive husbandry have enabled to the creation of Ōra King TYEE.

King salmon is a very rare species, making up less than one percent of the world’s supply of salmon. Ōra King is New Zealand King Salmon’s unique breed of this rare species. Most suitable for sushi dishes, Ōra King TYEE is even more exclusive, with less than 40 fish available for sale each month.

General Manager Marketing at New Zealand King Salmon, Jemma McCowan, describes it as an “extremely premium, world-first product”.

“Ōra King TYEE now makes it even more possible to have a luxury, yet sustainable sushi experience and we’re thrilled to be able to offer this to diners.

“Because of their longer-life cycle, Ōra King TYEE have a more developed flavour and oil profile,” she says. “The flesh is refined with dramatic white marbling and the natural oil content in the belly is notably high, drawing comparisons to Bluefin tuna.”

An exclusive group of chefs have experienced Ōra King TYEE and have remarked on its delicate flavour and clean, herbaceous palate. The texture has a distinctive ‘bite’ without losing the inherent creaminess.

Chef Geoff Scott says, “It is a privilege to work with Ōra King TYEE. The size of the fillets and steaks are unlike anything I’ve seen and the textured layering of the flesh is simply beautiful. This fish opens up a whole new playing field to chefs.”

Chef Nathan Gould says, “Working with the Ōra King TYEE was incredible. The pure size of the fish made such a statement in our kitchen. Already known for high marbling, the Ōra King TYEE surpassed all expectations, deeply marbled yet firm, this fish ate like no other.”

From April 2018, a limited number of Ōra King TYEE will be offered to exclusive restaurants and special events around the globe. Chefs have already begun registering their interest at