What is Ōra King salmon?

A few people have asked us what Ōra King salmon is because they’ve noticed it listed on a lot of restaurant menus recently.

Here’s what we know:

  • NZ King Salmon says Ōra King is to salmon what Wagyu is to beef Ōra King salmon is a best of breed salmon produced exclusively for the food service markets in New Zealand and offshore. Which means you won’t be able to serve it at home but chefs are loving it and that’s why you are seeing it on menus in New Zealand. But it’s not only New Zealand where food professionals are singing Ōra King’s praises.
  • It’s also available in restaurants worldwide – including Kiwi chef Matt Lambert’s restaurant the Musket Room 10 New York (lust awarded a first Michelin star).
  • Ōra King was launched in October last year but its heritage dates back around 20 years. A commitment to quality founded on a classic breeding programme born in Marlborough more than two decades ago represents the extraordinary base on which Ōra King has been developed.
  • The New Zealand King Salmon programme has resulted in 90 salmon families which are evaluated against standards of culinary excellence. And only the best are carried forward to the subsequent generation. All fish are documented and closely monitored throughout their life cycle – every single product can be traced back to selected broodstock