The 2018 Ōra King Awards are coming soon

The Ōra King Awards celebrate innovation, creativity and craftsmanship among chefs who are at the top of their game.

This annual competition is open to chefs in New Zealand, Australia, North America and Japan who list Ōra King on their menu.

Chefs compete by submitting their Best Ōra King Dish online. Entries are critiqued blind by an external panel.

The semi-finalists and finalists will have their dish tasted by independent industry personalities.

The three finalists from each country will be invited to participate in the Ōra King Awards celebrations held in New Zealand this October.

The Best Ōra King Dish from each country will be announced at the awards ceremony in Nelson, New Zealand on October 16.

Entries open on June 5

Check back in on June 5 to learn about this year’s challenge and submit your Best Ōra King Dish.


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Best Ōra King Dish
New Zealand

“Marc must have spent hour upon hour thinking about and perfecting every part of his creation. He showed us Ōra King salmon served to perfection, every ingredient there for a reason, the dish - delightful and clever, the taste - incredible!”
Best Dish New Zealand Judge, Geoff Scott.

Marc Soper, Wharekauhau Country Estate, Featherston
Best Ōra King Dish New Zealand, 2017

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Best Ōra King Dish

“A wonderfully balanced, creative dish by a chef that is confidently in tune with not only his abilities but also with the ingredients he is using. Every element on the plate plays a supporting role to underpin the unique properties of the Ōra King salmon”.
Best Dish Australia Judge, Anthony Huckstep.

Christopher Bonello, MPD Steak Kitchen, Melbourne
Best Ōra King Dish Australia, 2017

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Best Ōra King Dish
North America

“The texture and flavour of the salmon alone, was the single-most memorable part of the dish, clearly marking it as the hero. Thoughtful, creative, well-executed and delicious”.
Best Dish North America Judge, Bonjwing Lee.

Travis Swikard, Boulud Sud, New York City
Best Ōra King Dish North America, 2017

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Best Ōra King Dish

“I could tell that this chef tried his dish many times, each time carefully reflecting on what could be done to improve it. It was a dish with complete harmony, meticulous balance of flavour and delightful texture. Each part of the dish supported the Ōra King, it was a perfect dish”.
Best Dish Japan Judge, Hiroshi Horita.

Yosuke Kanai, Fleuve, Hotel Granvia Osaka
Best Ōra King Dish Japan, 2017