Chef Massimo Bottura

cooks with

Ōra King salmon

In June of this year while the world was in quarantine, Massimo Bottura, Owner of Osteria Francescana dubbed best restaurant in the world 2016 and 2018, featured New Zealand produce in his stellar at home cooking series; Kitchen Quarantine. 

With a collective viewership of over 1.5 million people, the Instagram live not only highlighted our beautiful Ōra King, but also the very best of New Zealand produce including manuka honey, lamb and kiwifruit.  

“It’s like butter! So, so good!” – Massimo Bottura

Chef Bottura was nearly brought to tears by the introductory letter he received from New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, which talked about kiatiakitanga – a Māori word which describes guardianship and care of the environment – an important guiding principle for all of us who grow and produce. 

After choosing to cook the salmon fillet teriyaki style, Chef Bottura described the salmon,Its like velvet, sexy, salmon”.  On tasting the finished salmon, he exclaimed, Its like butter!  So, so good!”   

Since this successful introduction, we have since contributed Ōra King to Chef Bottura’s sell-out exclusive dinner series at Le Grand Bellevue hotel in Switzerland, and hope to see the next delicious dish he creates with Ōra King.