Ōra King Ambassadors





We nurture organic partnerships with exceptional chefs worldwide. Through our Ōra King Ambassador Programme, we are able to connect international chefs and share their collective knowledge with the aim of providing long-term sustainability for our industry


Felice Lo Basso

Felix Lo Basso Restaurant

Felice Lo Basso was born in Molfetta in 1973 and...

Wicky Priyan

Wicky's Innovative Japanese Cuisine

A criminologist before becoming a Chef, a fate born and...

Sascha Stemburg

Haus Stemberg

A native of Velbert, Germany, Sascha is Executive Chef in...

Rolf Fliegauf

ECCO Ascona | ECCO St. Moritz

For a long time, he was Europe’s youngest two-star chef,...

Matt Lambert

The Lodge Bar

Matt Lambert is a chef of international acclaim recently returned...

Christian Abbott

Australian Venue Co

Looking after multiple venues across Melbourne, Northern Territory and South...

Nick Holloway

Nunu Palm Cove

Nick Holloway is the chef and co- owner of Nu...

Jason Roberts

“Food sustainability is a conversation for everybody, not just chefs and farmers. I am so proud to be a part of the Ōra King family and their ability to connect people with a mindful approach to not just food, but the conservation of our waters.”

Jason Roberts, Ōra King Ambassador

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