Our operations are independently audited. These certifications and ratings support our ongoing and substantive efforts to maintain our environmental integrity.

New Zealand King Salmon is certified under the Global Aquaculture Alliance for ‘Best Aquaculture Practices’. This designation is for responsible aquaculture production and covers feed mills, freshwater hatcheries, sea farms and processing facilities.

The highly respected Monterey Bay Aquarium’s consumer guide, Seafood Watch has given New Zealand King Salmon a ‘Best Choice’ buy rating for consumers.

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Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise conservation programme also recommends Ōra King as a sustainable seafood option.

Along with our certifications and ratings, we have committed to 5 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals specific to our business. These are:

We work to fulfil salmon aquaculture’s potential as a positive force for the health of people, nature and our company.

We are committed to caring for water in our region.

We are a trustworthy and transparent neighbour and community partner.

We attract and develop talented people across our diverse roles and teams.

We are committed to using resources responsibly and reducing our impacts wherever possible.

We have also aligned with the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) worldwide goals to maintain and grow the industry by educating about the benefits of salmon farming.