Elijah Holland
Elijah Holland
Executive Chef

Starting his career baking at the age of 12, working in restaurants and studying at Sydney hospitality school, EJ qualified as a chef by the age of 17. Working through many top restaurants around Australia, such as Aria, Jonahs, Fish Face and Quay to name a few, he became sous chef at the age of 19. EJ then went on to open a restaurant called The Powder Keg as part owner and head chef at the age of 21.

EJ is now currently the Group Executive Chef and partner for QFW – Quality Food World, who has a range of venues from artisan deli’s, wine bars, restaurants (namely Lûmé that EJ is based at) alongside quite a few food manufacturing factories that he is helping run / set up and work on creative retail and deli products for the Australian market.

They have around 14 factories in Victoria and then also warehouses and staff in every state in Australia and supply independent super market/deli stores and more, from Coles to Woolworths, Harris farm and everything in between.

EJ is currently in the process of opening more venues across Melbourne and Sydney.