Jerrod Zifchak
Jerrod Zifchak
Executive Chef
Cafe Boulud

Chef Jerrod Zifchak developed his passion for food at a very young age. When he was three years old, his family moved across the country, so his father could pursue a career as a chef-instructor at the Culinary Institute of America. Jerrod always admired his father’s love of cooking, and at twelve years old, began helping him in the kitchen and catering events on the weekends.

Jerrod followed his father to the Culinary Institute of America to pursue his degree. Throughout his time at the CIA, he worked strenuous hours as a sous chef for the West Park Winery. In 2010, Jerrod enrolled in the Manager-in-Training Program, earning his bachelor’s degree while taking on additional responsibilities as a sous chef role and mentoring new groups of students. These experiences have taught him important leadership and organizational skills that he has been able to utilize throughout his career.

In 2011, Jerrod ventured to the “Big Apple,” where he landed his first job as Chef de Partie, working under Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin. Jerrod rotated through every station in the kitchen and oversaw special events with Chef Ripert himself.

After four years at Le Bernardin, he was ready to take the next step in his career and Daniel Boulud came calling. Jerrod officially joined the Café Boulud team as sous chef in the spring of 2015, working directly under Executive Chef Aaron Bludorn. Jerrod contributed his creativity and innovative ideas to the restaurant’s sophisticated French menu, while simultaneously managing and educating staff. Over the years, Café Boulud grew to be more than just a restaurant, it became the foundation that shaped him into the dedicated chef and manager he remains today.

In June 2019, after four years of working under Daniel and Aaron, Jerrod was handed the reins of the kitchen at Café Boulud. As Executive Chef, Jerrod looks forward to continuing the success of Café Boulud, growing with his team, mentoring young chefs and defining his leadership. Every day, Jerrod reminds himself and the team of their main goal: to provide guests the best possible experience from the moment they walk into the restaurant until the moment they walk out the door.