Kazuo Shinohara
Restaurant Kazu
篠原 和夫(Kazuo Shinohara) Restaurant Kazu オーナーシェフ
渋谷「ラ・ロシェル」の坂井宏行氏に師事。ニューヨークで3年間、研鑽を積む。福岡「ラ・ロシェル」を経て2004年に独立し福岡市内に「Kazu Kitchen」をオープン。

2011年福岡 浄水通りに移転し「Restaurant Kazu」として新生オープン。日本エスコフィエ協会会員。フランス料理アカデミー会員。四季折々の最良の食材でコース料理を提供。地産地消の理念を生かしたフランス料理を味わえる【Restaurant Kazu】。

After learning under Hiroyuki Sakai at La Rochelle in Shibuya, Kazuo gained three years’ experience in New York. He worked at La Rochelle in Fukuoka before going independent in 2004 to open Kazu Kitchen in Fukuoka City.

In 2011, Kazuo relocated to Josui-dori, Fukuoka, and reopened as Restaurant Kazu. Member of the Association of Escoffier Japan, and the French Culinary Academy, he uses the best seasonal ingredients to create course meals. Restaurant Kazu offers French cuisine based on the concept of local production for local consumption.