Mark Okuda
Chef | Co-Owner
The Brothers Sushi

Chef Mark started working as a busser/server at Chiba Restaurant in 1998. At the age of 19, Mark began his journey as a sushi chef. He worked at Chiba for 13 years. From 2011 until summer of 2018 he worked at Asanebo, the highly coveted sushi bar in Studio City. In 2008 and 2009 Asanebo was the only restaurant in the San Fernando Valley to receive a Michelin Star. In 2014, Asanebo was awarded best restaurant in Los Angeles by the Zagat Guide. After he left Asanebo, he opened the first The Brothers Sushi with his business partner Steve Vartazarian in 2018.

The Brothers Sushi was chosen “best omakase” by LA magazine in 2020, and “best 101 restaurant” by LA Times in 2021, also on the Michelin guide for the last 3 years. Specializes in seasonal fish from Japan, dry aged fish such as bluefin tuna, Ora King Salmon from New Zealand, Kanpachi, Hamachi. Also using locally grown products such as Ice plants from San Marcos California farm called Girl and Dug.

Chef Mark’s expectations are to serve great food, drinks, and to give customers amazing service and a memorable experience (omotenashi).