Monterey Bay Aquarium Executive Chef Matthew Beaudin is passionate about using only sustainable seafood for the dishes he creates, and Ōra King makes the cut.

Ōra King salmon has a longstanding relationship with Chef Matt Beaudin, but he wasn’t necessarily an “easy catch”. He will tell you, “For the better part of my life I can remember hearing that farmed fish is bad.” However, after visiting Ōra King’s HQ in New Zealand and seeing this fish at source, Matt now, stands behind the Ōra King provenance and its responsible, sustainable aquaculture processes. Ōra King is proud to consider Chef Matt an advocate and ambassador for the brand.

Ōra King salmon is endorsed with a Green (Best Choice) rating by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch rating system, which reviews, assesses and helps in part to guide the management of responsible fisheries around the world, both wild and farmed. The Seafood Watch Aquaculture Standards are based on 10 areas of potential environmental impact.

Salmon has become one of the most widely consumed aquatic proteins on the planet. With an increased in demand for fish, sustainable aquaculture is a sensible, pragmatic, and long-term way to meet this need.

It’s up to every consumer to ask “Where did my fish come from, was it caught or raised in a sustainable way?” – Matthew Beaudin

Chef Matthew Beaudin concludes “I for one am glad to know I have partners in science looking out for our future, and sustainable seafood warriors like New Zealand’s salmon industry who produce an incredible farmed product while protecting wild fish populations.”