Nicolas Abello
Nicolas Abello
Executive Chef

Frenchmen Nico Abello was 15 years old when he entered the hospitality industry. He apprenticed for two years in the front-of-house before he began work at Gérard Vié’s two- Michelin-star Les Trois Marches in Versailles. There, Abello remained in FOH but spent much of his time (too much) at the pass. One day, the chef grabbed him and said, if you want to spend more time in the kitchen, put on a jacket. Abello slipped into chef whites and never looked back. He worked for there for three years, earning his chops and collecting the building blocks on which the rest of his career would be built.

Abello then moved to London to work at the restaurant of iconic French chef Pierre Gagnaire at Sketch. He eventually returned to Paris, continuing to cook traditional French cuisine at various restaurants, learning from the disciples of other iconic French chefs like Joël Robuchon. Next, he visited New York, becoming gainfully employed cooking at Daniel. Abello would return to France once more—learning the catering business—before returning to New York permanently.

In 2016, L’Appart opened in Manhattan’s massive French food hall Le District, with Abello cooking as if he’s hosting every guest personally at his own flat, conjuring an intimate fine dining experience that evokes the spirit of a dinner party. Just nine months after its first service, L’Appart was awarded a Michelin star.