The King of Salmon

The King salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) species makes up around 0.7% of the global salmon population and is regarded by many as the pinnacle salmon species internationally. The Ōra King best of breed salmon showcases the ultimate of this rare and exclusive species.

Ora King Salmon Flesh with Skin

The Qualities of Ora King


King salmon boast bright silver skin. They have a rounder mid-section in comparison to the longer, thinner body of the common Atlantic salmon species.


Our King salmon have an elegant balance of sweet and umami flavours, complementing a wide variety of ingredients.


King salmon have a vibrant orange flesh colour, which contrasts attractively with the marbled fat lines for unsurpassed plate appeal.

Oil Content

King salmon have the highest oil content of all salmon species. The high oil content keeps the salmon moist, greatly reducing the risk of over-cooking.


King salmon’s texture is buttery and soft due to its unique muscular structure. It cuts well, is light in the mouth and coats the palate appealingly, making it a pleasure to eat.