It is said, that in the old days the ocean felt empty.

So she filled herself with life, and named the salmon her kings.

She hid a portion of these salmon. In dark places she grew them — where other fish fear to wander. She named these few Tyee, and set them apart to be kings among kings.

No two Tyee are alike. They have wrestled their way to the top. Their fins may bear the scars of a life truly lived, the remnants of frays won, and lost.

Your Tyee is rare among salmon. No less than 30 pounds in imperial weight, your salmon is a giant. A leviathan that will sear itself in your mind for years to come.

The king of King salmon

The name Tyee means ‘Chief’ in the local language of British Columbia where they were originally found. Tyee weigh over 30 pounds, and have been caught in Campbell River since 1924. Tyee were originally caught from a boat with no motor with a hook with no barb.

Tyee are extraordinarily large. They are salmon that have not matured in the usual 2 year time frame, continuing to grow on to 4 years of age, while maintaining premium condition. This phenomenon occurs naturally in the wild and in our environment in New Zealand.

In 2018 a limited number of Ōra King TYEE will be offered to selected restaurants around the globe.

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