Zennon Wijlens
Head Chef | Co-Owner
Paris Butter

Zennon Wijlens, the Co-Owner and Head Chef of Paris Butter, is a culinary maestro whose innovative spirit and commitment to excellence have propelled the restaurant to the forefront of Auckland’s dining scene. Alongside fellow chef and Co-Owner Nick Honeyman, Zennon has transformed Paris Butter into an establishment that seamlessly blends a fun, innovative, yet refined ambience with a modern dining experience.

Awarded the prestigious title of Cuisine NZ Chef of the Year for 2023/24, Zennon’s culinary prowess is unmistakable. His approach to cuisine is deeply rooted in memories and travel, bringing to the table innovative and interpretive New Zealand dishes that are both familiar and excitingly novel. Under his guidance, Paris Butter’s menu is a testament to creativity and culinary finesse, offering diners a choice between three or six courses that highlight the best of New Zealand’s produce.

Zennon and his team work closely with some of the best suppliers in the country, ensuring that every ingredient is of the highest quality. This dedication to sourcing is evident in every dish, where the emphasis is strongly placed on seasons, textures, and flavours. The result is a beautifully balanced evolution menu that takes diners on a gastronomic journey.

As a chef and leader, Zennon Wijlens is not just an advocate for great cuisine but also for the rich tapestry of experiences that food can offer. His passion for creating memorable dining experiences is what makes Paris Butter not just a restaurant but a destination for anyone seeking culinary innovation and excellence.